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Zip Line Kits & Accessories | Dimension Zip Lines

Zip Line Fun Without the Hazards

Safe Zip Lines for Camps, Commercial Courses and Personal Fun

There’s just something to be said about the age-old adventure of zipping along a suspended cable with the wind whizzing through your hair. Riding on a zip line is absolutely thrilling. But what about the risks? From unpredictable braking methods that end with an abrupt jerk to no control over the passengers’ speed, ziplines can cause serious injuries. If only there was a cost-effective way to bring the zip line riders to a safe stop without sacrificing the thrill.

Do you believe that the current zip line technology has reached its peak and little to no improvements can be made to enhance its experience? The team at Dimension Zip Lines has challenged the status quo and has solved the downfall of current zip line technology with its patented zip line braking system. Archaic and hazardous traditional braking methods can be replaced in a practical, safe and affordable manner. Dimension‘s products provide modern alternatives to the dangers of common zip lines.

We encourage you to learn about the common challenges of competing products and then consider the benefits that Dimension Zip Lines can bring to your friends and family. With a safe and cost-effective way to zoom on a zip line, you’ll be ready to purchase your own Fifth Dimension Zip Line Trolley. If you have any questions, check out the frequently asked questions section of this web site or contact us. Dimension Zip Lines: do you believe?