March, 2015

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How To Set Up A Zip Line Brake Properly

A zip line brake is an essential requirement for safety reasons. You should never set up a zip line without this. A standard zip line might not generate that much speed. Still it is essential that the zip line rider should be able to come to a slow stop at

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Some Facts About Zip Lines

A zipline makes use of a cable and a pulley to transport people or things from one location to another. The cable is often made of steel, as it is much stronger than other materials. And a pulley is attached to the cable for moving purposes. To move along the

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How To Install A Brake On Your Zip Line On Your Own

Zip lining is one of the best choices for backyard recreation. What makes it even more exciting is that it can moonlight as an effective backcountry adventure as well. What ’s more, setting up a zip line is quite easy, given that you have all the recommended things. According to

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