May, 2015

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Safety When Building And Using A Zip Line

A simple backyard zip line can be made with a harness suspended on a cable, tied to two points high above ground. The harness lets a rider glide from the higher to the lower end, and depending on area it covers, the zip line lets you enjoy scenic beauty, or

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Things You Would Need To Install A Zip Line

Zip lining is both a wonderful fun time activity and a thrilling adventure. It is a common activity in many countries in the west. With the right zip line materials and equipments, you can install your own zip line and have the fun with your family or friends. A zip

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Guidelines For Zip Liners

Zip line is known by different names in different countries. Although most people know it by the name zip line or cable ride, other names for it include death slide, zip wire, aerial rope slide, flying fox, aerial runway, or foefie slide. Zip lining is a passion for many people.

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