June, 2015

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Setting Up A Backyard Zip Line For Kids

Kids love fun and entertainment very much. If you were thinking about giving your kids the best time this vacation, setting up a backyard zip line would do the job for sure. You can set up a simple and affordable backyard zip line for your kids. It need not be

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How To Safely Install A Zip Line

Zip lines were originally meant to carry people over terrain that was hard to cross. Nowadays, it is used for in the more recreational sense, with even kids paying around on rigs set up in the backyard. They are actually very common, though people do not always consider safety when

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Different Zipline Kits

Your basic zipline kit comes with a stretch of aircraft cable, fittings and connections, a trolley for the rider, and something like a handle for balancing. A more comprehensive rig would have a seat, brake block, harnesses and helmet as well. Here is a look at the different zipline constructions,

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