July, 2015

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What To Check About The Safety On A Zip Line

When inspecting the safety on a zip line they have strung up, many people check nothing more than the zip line brake. While this is admittedly an important factor, it is not the only one to look at. First of all, you need to see if the chosen line can

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How Do I Set Up A Zip Line In My Backyard

Zip line is one of the most adventurous fun activities. People love it irrespective of their age. If you have got enough space in your backyard, you can set up a zip line over there and provide your kids with lots of fun and entertainment this summer. However, do not

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A Brief History About Zip Lining

There are no clear historical records about the origin of zip lining. It has been an entertainment among people for centuries. Historical records of several countries speak about zip lining adventures. Notwithstanding this, some historians claim that zip lining was first found among the people of the Alps and the

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