September, 2015

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Things To Remember While Setting Up Zip Line For Your Kids

When the summer comes, parents go crazy because the kids are free and are at home. They want to spend their free time having fun. There are several ways to entertain your kids. You can take them to movies, parks, zoo, or what not. But none of them is going

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How To Install A Zip Line Brake

Zip line is an easy-to-setup backyard recreation. If you are living in countryside, you can set up one in the backyard of your house and have plenty of fun with your kids. Zip line is an adventurous sport, so you can guess how dangerous it can be if you do

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How To Make A Brake For Your Zip Line

Zip lining is a great way to boost your adrenaline without physical activity, and one of the favorite ways to have good fun. It works on the principle of gravity, pulling the rider towards the end of the run. A good zip line brake is what lets them control the

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