October, 2015

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Directions For Using Rope In Zipline Setup

There are different ways to spend your vacation. You can go for trekking, boating, biking, visit some parks, and the list goes on. However, most of these activities involve very little element of adventure. For extreme adventure lovers, zip line is the best way to kill time during a holiday.

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Some Interesting Facts About The Emergence Of Zip Line As An Outdoor Entertainment

Zip line is one of the most adventurous things out there and almost everyone likes it. However, there are many other facts about zip-lining worth knowing. Many families have their own zip lines set in the backyard, thanks to the cheaper construction cost, facility to get insurance coverage, and options

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Braking Systems In Zip Lines

There are two main types of zip line brake – active brake and passive brake. The former needs the rider to trigger it and is less safe, but arguably, more fun. The passive brake, meanwhile, is something that engages by itself and brings the rider to a slowing stop without

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