November, 2015

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Summer Vacation In Hocking Hills

Numerous places would come to your mind when planning a vacation trip. Oftentimes, it happens that you get totally confused about choosing the right place, because none of the places you have in mind would seem bad. You may even want to visit all places, if possible. But everyone gets

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Rise Of Zip Line Casualties Calls For Regulation Of Commercial Zip Lines

The recent rise in the number of casualties from unsafe zip line rides has forced the authorities in North Carolina to regulate private zip line entertainments. An equipment failure occurred two weeks ago in a YMCA summer camp in a western town in North Carolina has caused the death of

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How To Install A Homemade Zipline Brake

There is no better thing than zip lines for backyard adventure. It is filled with lots of fun, and the only challenge with zipline is to set it up safely. You have to ensure that the zip line brake is properly fixed, and works without any fault. The main purpose

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