February, 2016

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Setting Up A Zip Line In Your Backyard The First Time

Zip lines are very common in backyards these days. These may be the best vacation experience as well, but some people just aren’t willing to wait for the holidays to have that kind of fun. Why do that when they could just as easily have fun on their own property?

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Gatorland Park Introduces Disability-Friendly Zipline

Gatorland, the popular wildlife park in Orlando FL, has introduced disability-friendly zip line. According to Mark McHugh, the president and CEO of Gatorland, the idea of constructing a disability-friend zip line at the park has been the agenda of the management since the first zip line was introduced there. Gatorland

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Arizona Opens The Longest Zip Line In The State

Arizona is popular all across the world for a number of reasons such as the Colorado River, the Sonoran Desert filled with saguaro cactus, and the Red Rock State Park. The climate of Arizona is quite pleasant as compared to other states as well – it is always sunny there.

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