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5 Of The Best Zipline Adventures To Try | Dimension Zip Lines

5 Of The Best Zipline Adventures To Try

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Zip Line Adventure

Zip line journeys are a great way to have fun when you are on a trip. If you are looking for a thrill sans the noise that many cannot do without, sipping across a steel cable over a scenic view is about the best you can do. It is easy to forget this wasn’t originally a form of recreation, and still isn’t in some places in the world.

Today, zipline adventures are a tourist attraction in many areas, drawing crowds on a seasonal basis. If you are a fan of the adrenaline boost that adventure zip lining offers, here are five of the best to check out.

Sky Trek, Costa Rica

Many call Costa Rica the birthplace of the zip line tour. With an abundance of treetops to zip to and from, it treats the rider to a feel of the tropical rain forest setting while zipping through the air. The Sky Trek trip is one of the many attractive adventures in the region, with a top point of 456 feet from the ground. Most of the time, you are strapped to your harness, and other times, you will be moving between platforms over suspension bridges.

Dragon’s Breath, Haiti

The name says a lot about what to expect, and this ride doesn’t disappoint on that score. Stretching over 2,600 feet, this zip line has the longest over-water stretch in the world. It starts off at 500 feet from the side off a hill and then you are swishing over the bay, with nothing but water under you.

Icy Strait Point, Alaska

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One of the largest zip line adventures on the globe, Icy Strait Point has flight stats of 5,330-feet in length, 1,300 feet in vertical decline, 60 mph top speed, a 300-foot top point, and a trip time under 2 minutes. Six riders start the ride at once, and race downwards while taking in the views of the namesake. Peripheral sightseeing at high speeds doesn’t get much better than this.

Captain Zipline, Colorado

Soar over the amazing Wild West near the Rocky Mountains, and enjoy the kind of view eagles get to take in each day. There are also short treks between platforms, with a lot of stuff to see, like a deserted silver mine, and bonsai trees.

Zip 2000, South Africa

This is the true and proper outlet for adrenaline addiction. Zip 2000 is all about moving fast, and fast clocks at almost 75 miles per hour. They even fix a wing to your feet.