Adventurous Zipline Tours In The Southeast America

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U.S.A is home to world’s most popular zip line tours. The country has the longest and most adventurous zip line tours you can find anywhere. It is reported that several new zip line destinations are being launched in the country every year. If you are planning a summer vacation, focusing on ziplining with your family or friends, here are some useful suggestions for you.

Asheville Ziplines

While most zipline canopy tours in the region are located somewhat in a distant place from the main town, the Asheville Ziplines is located just a few minutes’ walk from the downtown. While riding on this zipline, riders can see and experience the fabulous sight of the Asheville skyline, the scenic mountain views, and the majestic oak trees.

Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours

The management of the Nantahala Gorge Canopy Tours suggests that this is the only authentic zipline canopy tour offered in the area. The ziplines here are set up in the backdrop of the Great Smokey Mountains. There are about 13 zipline canopy tours. All of them are set up with tight security measures, which include tested zip line brake. The authorities here ensure that the zipline tours are built using zipline kit tested according to international standards.

Pigeon River Zipline

At the pigeon river zipline, you are provided with two tours to choose from; Pigeon River Ziplines or Waterfall Gorge Canopy. If you want to explore both, you can do that as well. It will take you above the Big Pigeon River that flows around the Smokey Mountain.

Chattooga Ridge Zipline

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Another great zipline adventure in the area, the Chattooga Ridge Zipline is not just a zipline but also a good platform for the visitors to explore the unique ecosystems of the region. The zipline here is set up in the backdrop of the Academy Lake and maple treetops and grand old white oak. The finish pointing of the zip line is a Bell Tower.

Ocoee River Basin Zipline

It is another great zipline adventure tour in the region. Unlike other zipline tours in the region, the Ocoee River Basin Zipline is headed to the Ocoee River. While riding on this zipline, you get the opportunity to explore and experience the adventure of riding on a zipline above the Southern Pine Forest, which is accompanied by creek views and mountain.

Zipline tours are becoming popular among adults and children. If you are taking your children to any of the above zipline canopy tours, take extra care of them. Be certain to comply with the safety guidance provided to you by the zipline management.