Arizona Opens The Longest Zip Line In The State

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Arizona Zip Line

Arizona is popular all across the world for a number of reasons such as the Colorado River, the Sonoran Desert filled with saguaro cactus, and the Red Rock State Park. The climate of Arizona is quite pleasant as compared to other states as well – it is always sunny there.

Arizona is home to Grand Canyon. People enter this through the Ponderosa Pine-covered mountain town known as the Flagstaff. Due to its pleasant weather, breath-taking views and the welcoming nature of locals here, millions of tourists visit Arizona every year.

Arizona has one more attraction now. It has one of the longest zip lines in the world. Arizona zipline kit adventures in Oracle are known throughout America and many people come to this place just to experience how the zipline ride here would feel like. Well, if you have long been thinking about a visit to Arizona, the newly opened zipline in Oracle is a good reason for you to make your mind.

Opened To The Public In January

Arizona’s longest zipline was thrown open to the public last week. Hundreds of people were there when it was officially opened for the public. The management of the Oracle zipline said that it had several specialties from other zipline tours in the state. According to them, it is the first eco friendly zipline tour in Southern Arizona. Another feature is that it is a five span zipline tour that will take you through the backside on Mount Lemmon. The short span of the Oracle zipline is 400 feet while the longest is 1500 feet, making it the longest zipline in the state.

Admission Cost

Zip Line Brake

Zip Line Safety

The zipline kit tour at Oracle is offered at quite affordable rate. For adults and general admission, the cost is just $79. Children below the age of 15 are required to pay only $69. Senior citizens and military personals get a discount of $10 as well.

Weight Requirements

The management said they were following strict safety regulations at the Oracle zipline tour. As part of the safety regulations, they have set up a rule that only people between weight of 50 pounds and 250 pounds are allowed in the zipline. Similarly, if any kid below the age of 10 wants to take a ride in the zipline, he/she should be accompanied by adult. In addition to that, the safety of the zipline is improved by sophisticated zip line brake systems.