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Benefits | Dimension Zip Lines

Why Buy The Fifth Dimension Zip Line Trolley?

Dimension Zip Lines Stacks Up the Benefits

1. Economics

The initial investment and minimal maintenance costs associated with Dimension trolleys show clear economic advantages over competing zip line products. Specifically, the brake pads on Dimension trolleys can be inspected easily for wear and are simple and inexpensive to replace. Additionally, Dimension trolleys do not use gloves or bungee cords for braking, eliminating the costs associated with those materials. While those costs may seem minimal at first glance, further examination unveils exorbitant expenses when considering commercial zip line endeavors. Multiple locations mean the cost of additional gloves and bungee cords for each location.

2. Safety

Dimension trolleys secure riders safely with a harness and lanyard. Additionally, the handle on Dimension trolleys provides the handbrake levers used for stopping and also allows the rider to maintain a forward-facing position at all times. The convenient handle eliminates riders’ twisting effect so that they will consistently approach the end of a zip line cable with both feet facing in a safe direction. Furthermore, the braking mechanism on Dimension trolleys eliminates the need for a brakeman, further enhancing safety while reducing complexity.

The standards developed for zip line braking by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) state that riders shall come to a gradual stop. The intention of the standards is to protect riders from injuries common with some traditional braking methods. Dimension trolleys conform to these standards by allowing riders to gradually stop, minimizing the risk of injury.

3. Simplicity

Simple to transport.

Ditch the complicated combination of additional cables, pulleys, springs and other hardware found in competing products. By implementing a simple carabiner latch along with the braking mechanism built in, Dimension trolleys can be quickly and easily removed from one zip line and relocated to another in mere moments. The use of a carabiner as the latching mechanism keeps Dimension trolleys securely fastened to the zip line while in use. Yet, when the participant completes the ride, the carabiner can be easily opened so that the trolley can be removed from the cable and quickly transported to another zip line.

Simple to operate.

The handbrake is similar to that of a common bicycle, making the Dimension trolley ideal for both personal and commercial uses.

Simple to maintain.

The precisely designed brake pads can be quickly replaced with ordinary tools.

4. Rider Control

With Dimension trolleys, speed control is literally placed in the hands of the rider. Novices can cautiously proceed along the zip line at their own comfortable pace. However, daredevils can descend as quickly as a particular cable will allow, yet still come to a safe stop. Also, Dimension trolleys allow riders of all weight ranges to stop at a precise location on each and every ride. Participants enjoy a ride nearly the full length of the zip line.

5. Operation and Functionality

With standard zip line applications, Dimension trolleys eliminate the need for a brakeman, reducing costs and danger. Novice and expert zip line riders are able to operate Dimension trolleys on their own.

6. Course Design

Until the introduction of Dimension trolleys, a zip line cable’s angle of descent was often limited by the contour of the land as well as the chosen braking method. Dimension trolleys minimize this limitation and give course designers added freedom. They can now adjust the angle of descent to maximize the cable length, irrespective of course topography. A key advantage of Dimension trolleys over other braking methods is that all riders can enjoy a steeper zip line, even if novices prefer to progress along at a slower rate than their daredevil counterparts.

Are you ready to ride? Buy your Fifth Dimension Zip Line Trolley today.