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If you wish to offer some fun and adventure to your kids, then build a zip line for them. This ride in a zip line would surely make them happy and would make their day fun filled. Now, while building a zip line, there are many important points, which you should take care of like the zip line brake. In this post, we will find out how to build a safe zip line for your kids.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to identify two points between which you can fix the zip line. Make sure that the points you choose do not have any obstacles in between. This is very important for a safe ride. Keep in mind that the starting point should be at a higher level than the ending point. Therefore, it is advisable to choose large trees as the starting point.
  • Once you find the suitable departure point and arrival point, tie the nylon rope to the departure point first. Tie the rope in a height that is low enough for the rider so that he could stand when outstretched. Sometimes, the rope can slip down when the rider approaches the arrival point. In order to avoid this, you may use additional hardware like screwed in hook.
  • Loop the pulley through the other end of the rope.
  • As the next step, tie the rope to the departure point. Keep in mind that the rope should be tightly tied so that it can hold the weight of the rider and do not slip. As mentioned above, the departure point should be tied at a higher level compared to the end. This is because the rider will be able to drift only if zipped down from a higher point.

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  • Tie the handle to the pulley. The handle needs to be attached to the zip line brake. You can make the handle out of anything. However, make sure that they are soft so that they could be easily held. It is also advisable to use something that has enough grip to hold on like your old bicycle handle.
  • Test the zip line brake before allowing your child to start playing with it. Keep in mind that the zip line brake should be tested at least two to three times to ensure that it functions properly.

With the above steps, you can create the best zip line for your kids. Make sure that you watch over the kids while they play with the zip line.