How To Build A Zip Line

Zipline Kit

            How To Make Zip Lines

Nobody in their right mind would ever disagree to the fact that zip lines are fun! The adrenaline rush is guaranteed when you fly along an elevated cable at high speeds. The best part about zip lines is, they are inexpensive and can be built right in your backyard all by yourself!

Building a zip-line would be an hour’s job at max and is no rocket science. The primal concern when building zip lines is safety. Everything from the zipline kit in use to the rope and every other equipment in use should be able to hold the weight of the user it is designed to carry. Why install a zip line at home? Because its cool! Your children are going to love it and love you for installing it. It is a fun filled activity that does not require a lot of space or height.

Depending on the location, you can even you can incorporate existing platforms like swing sets on to the zip line. Moreover, you do not have to hunt for individual parts either; zipline kit that includes everything you need are available for purchase online. Two major rules apply to every zip line. The more the elevation, the faster the speed (Gravity, duh!). Even at the same elevation, the tautness of the string determines the speed as well. A little sag will slow down the run by a wide margin.

Eye Bolts

            Using A Zip Line Kit

Basic zipline kit include stainless steel or galvanized trolley, zip line, 2 eye bolts (5/8 inches dropped forged), turnbuckle and cable clamps. Advanced zipline kits contain several other attachments but these are all the essential items that you need. Once you purchase the zipline kit, you have to measure the area you want to set up the zip line in. Once you have the exact measurement, you need to cut the zip line the distance length plus a few additional feet to ensure you have enough sag and can tie the knot at both ends. After tying a knot on both ends so the rope does not unravel, tie them to both end points. Before you do so, cut a smaller piece to serve as a link between the handle and the main rope. Using a connector, connect this rope to the handle and slide it through the pulley.

Many online videos are available which describe the entire procedure. Moreover, the kits themselves have a detailed instruction set to make the zip line.