How To Build Zip Lines In Your Backyard?

Zip Line Brake

                   Zip Lines

Nowadays, zip lines or zip line brakes are used commonly for recreational activities that are quite adventurous as well. Zip lines mainly comprise of a pulley that is suspended on a cable and is mounted on an incline. The activity involves a person traveling from top to bottom of the inclined cable by holding on it. These zip lines are available in many forms and these include the short and low ones for children and the longer and higher rides for adults.

So, are you planning to build one in your backyard? If so, then you should make sure to install brakes on the zip lines. A zip line brake provides safety to the user and stops his downward momentum at the end of the line.

At first, you should spend some time and check if your backyard can actually accommodate a zip line. For this, you should check the space available and contact the authorities to get permission for building zip lines. In addition to this, you would require some stout trees to serve as anchors and also a slope to get the right elevation. Once these criteria have been fulfilled, you can start collecting the necessary items to build zip lines in your backyard. These include a used tire, car or lawn tractor, around 3 cable clamps, drilling equipment and also a measuring tape. As mentioned above, you should always remember about the zip line brake to ensure maximum safety to the user.

Cable Clamps

          Building Zip Lines

Now, you can measure the thickness of your zip line and then select the corresponding drill bit along with the sizes of the wire rope clamp. Now, find the horizontal axis line through the tire’s center and then you can drill holes through either side of the tire along with this line. You need to thread the zip line cable through the tire till it reaches the termination point of the zip line system. Here, ensure you enable the brake evenly through the cable.

Once you have ensured this, go ahead and tighten a clamp lamp on the inner side of the tire. You can also slide the tire back along the cable and check when the clamp presses the inner tire. Finally, make sure that you attach the two clamps next to each other and against the outer wall of the tire, which you can find opposite the inner clamp.

So, the next time you build zip lines by including the zip line brake in your backyard, you can consider these steps to have a safe and memorable recreational experience.