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Different Types Of Braking Systems For Zip Lines | Dimension Zip Lines

Different Types Of Braking Systems For Zip Lines

zip line brake

   Brake system for zip line

Anybody, who has ever ridden a zip-line can attest to the fact that it is true fun! Going down at high velocity with your body strapped to a zip-line is one of the true adrenaline rushing experiences out there that anybody at any age can hope to enjoy. However, to make this a truly enjoyable experience, safety is a must. Zip line brake exists for this very reason. They provide control to the rider enabling them to cruise at a speed they are comfortable with and ensure safety at the same time.

There are several different types of zip line brake. Broadly categorized into two types, active and passive, these braking systems exist for entirely different reasons. While active braking systems give control to the user and allows them to manipulate the speed they go downhill, passive braking system ensures automatic braking, if the user is either unable to or cannot brake on his own.

The traditional active zip line brake is a thick leather glove! The rider wears the glove and squeezes the zip line hard when the person wants to brake. The friction caused between the zip line and the leather glove will cause the person to slow down and eventually come to a halt. However, this requires expert knowledge, and the braking distance and power depends on the individual strength. From wetness to temperature, many different factors determine the braking strength making this an unreliable system for amateurs.

braking pad

 Different types of zip line brakes

There are several other zip line brake systems, from ones that use eddy currents to reduce the speed to one that utilizes a braking pad. This avoids the need to touch the zip line and brings the power of braking entirely into the hands of the rider. Eddy current brakes automatically adjust for the weight of the rider making them one of the best braking system for individual riders and for trolleys.

If you are thinking of installing a zip line, safety is an absolute must. Although there are several different passive braking systems that work equally well, they do not give out the sense of control to the user thus driving away the excitement and bringing fear in its place. There are several different brake systems out in the market and determining the right one that suits all your needs determines how much you will enjoy the experience. Moreover, every braking system would have parts that will eventually wear out, and so, it is crucial to maintain them at constant intervals.