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FAQ | Dimension Zip Lines
Dimension Zip Lines Stacks Up the Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions: What is Zip Line & How to Zip Line

You Have Zip Line Questions. We Have Answers.

  • Question: Do you have a brochure or material that I can print about your product?
  • Answer: Yes, feel free to download and print our brochure.
  • Question: What makes Dimension trolleys so much more cost-effective than other solutions?
  • Answer: Dimension trolleys are simple to operate and prevent the need for elaborate and complicated braking systems. Furthermore, Dimension trolleys can be quickly and easily transported among other zip lines, eliminating the need for a separate braking system attached to each zip line. Since there’s no need for gloves or bungee cords, there are also minimal maintenance costs.
  • Question: Are Dimension trolleys safe?
  • Answer: Yes, Dimension trolleys have been properly tested by two separate independent laboratories. This rigorous testing was conducted to ensure the design and material characteristics adhere to the ACCT standards as well as other applicable standards.
  • Question: Are Dimension trolleys easy to maintain?
  • Answer: Yes, Dimension trolleys were designed with simple maintenance as a key goal. The brake pads can be replaced in a matter of moments with common tools.
  • Question: What makes Dimension trolleys superior over other technologies?
  • Answer: Dimension trolleys have combined the three most important considerations of any zip line braking system: simple, safe and affordable. Other systems have not been able to successfully combine all three of these crucial aspects. Please see our benefits web page for more information.
  • Question: Who is Dimension Zip Lines, LLC?
  • Answer: Dimension Zip Lines, LLC is made of zip line enthusiasts and degreed engineers who came together to solve the Common Trolley Folly and issues related to traditional braking methods. Refer to the About Us section for more information.
  • Question: Bungee cords and other braking methods are implemented by numerous zip line courses and have been used for many years, so why are traditional braking methods a concern now?
  • Answer: The horse and carriage were successful in helping people travel for many years. However, with technological advances, this mode of transportation became obsolete. Indeed, traditional braking methods are widely accepted within the industry as adequate. Even though these methods may achieve the desired result of stopping the rider, traditional braking has considerable room for improvement. Dimension Zip Lines succeeded in achieving that improvement.
  • Question: What is meant by the Common Trolley Folly?
  • Answer: This term represents a long list of inadequacies related to typical zip line trolleys. Among these shortfalls include rider-position, archaic methods for braking and steep costs. Refer to the Common Trolley Folly section for a detailed description.
  • Question: What is meant by “The Whiplash Effect” and why is it a concern for riders and zip line course designers?
  • Answer: This phenomenon is the result of a zip line rider slowing to a stop via a bungee cord or other elastic-type braking method. As the bungee cord is stretched, riders can potentially be catapulted back along the cable in the opposite direction, resulting in injury.
  • Question: Who is the Association for Challenge Course Technology?
  • Answer: The (ACCT) is a non-profit trade organization representing the challenge course and zip line markets. ACCT develops standards and participates in regulatory and legal activities related to the industry. ACCT is a recognized standards developer by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Founded in 1993, ACCT and its over 2,000 members can be found worldwide.
  • Question: What are the ACCT standards?
  • Answer: The ACCT standards provide guidelines to maintain the safety and integrity of challenge courses and zip lines. ACCT is accredited with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
  • Question: Why does Dimension Zip Lines strive to comply with the ACCT Standards?
  • Answer: The ACCT Standards are viewed within the industry as one of the premier guidelines for challenge courses and zip lines. Many insurance companies and governmental agencies rely on the standards set forth by ACCT.
  • Question: What is a brakeman?
  • Answer: A brakeman is a person who facilitates braking for a zip line rider. Watch the Use of a Brakeman video illustrating a brakeman along with the risks associated with this form of braking.
  • Question: What is a zip line?
  • Answer: A typical zip line trolley consists of two pulleys conjoined via a common housing. People use the trolley to ride along a cable going from point A to point B. Zip lines are used for fun in both personal and commercial applications.