Five Must Visit Zip Line Tourist Destinations In USA

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U.S. has a number of zip lines that attracts hundreds of visitors every year. Most of the zip lines are located in popular tourist destinations and are built as per the safety standards put forth by the concerned government agencies.

According to experts, the safety of a zip line is determined by the type of zip line brake used in it. If a zip line is built with proper zip line brake, it assures safety. Below is a list some of the most popular zip line tours in America where you can expect safe zip lining.

Gaston, Ore

Gaston is set up high above the Willamette Valley, located outside of Portland. It is a tree-to-tree zip line that can give the best aerial adventure for the whole family. According to the management, the Gaston zip line gives high priority on safety. Gaston zip line is built on the wobbly bridges with tight ropes, superior quality zip line brake and extra zip lines for varying exposure.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui zip line in Hawaii is the first zip line in America, launched in 2002. It is built against the backdrop of Maui’s lush landscape. It gives both delighting and terrifying zip line experience. The zip line here takes you through eucalyptus tree canopies and canyons. Riders can move at a speed of over 45 mph. Maui zip line is the best way to enjoy the place’s native wildlife, eco-tourism, and flora & fauna.

Charlemont, Mass

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Charlemont zip line is a great way for people to enjoy zip lining at affordable rate. You can zip line here for just $30. They offer three family-friendly zip line tour options. While zip lining here, you can get a close view of the valley. It is quite fascinating to tour here during the fall season through the Appalachian Mountains. During leafing season in the fall, the mountains will look ablaze with orange, red, and yellow hues.

Park City, Utah

Perhaps, the zip line at the Olympic Park in Park City could be the steepest zip line in the world. The zip line here is built on 500-foot vertical drop. Like most of the popular zip lines in America, the Park City zip line too is built with high safety standards. However, small children and senior citizens are not permitted to take zip line rides here.