Gatorland Park Introduces Disability-Friendly Zipline

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Gatorland, the popular wildlife park in Orlando FL, has introduced disability-friendly zip line. According to Mark McHugh, the president and CEO of Gatorland, the idea of constructing a disability-friend zip line at the park has been the agenda of the management since the first zip line was introduced there. Gatorland Park got its first zip line in the year 2011. It was a normal zip line made from usual zipline kit.

The zip line at Gatorland runs over the park and the marsh, offering the riders ample chances to enjoy the wildlife. However, it was too adventurous that many couldn’t use it. This made people to request the management to make a less adventurous zip line that would suit for disabled, elders and children. The park management took these requests seriously and has been working on the project since.

The disability-friendly zip line at Gatorland is known as accessible zips. In the opinion of Mark McHugh, these types of zip lines are quite rare. Basically, the accessible zip line is quite similar to normal zip line. The major difference comes in terms of the type of zip line brake used in them. The level of adventure in these zip lines is less as compared to the normal zip line. However, the accessible zip lines are fast enough.

According to Wheeler Clemons, the first physically disabled person to take a ride on the accessible zip line at Gatorland, the ride was fast and adventurous. He said he really experienced the thrill and the adrenaline rush.

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The accessible zip line is set up over a marsh where hundreds of alligators are residing. Clemons say he came close to the alligators and it was a wonderful experience for him. Clemons had a spinal cord injury and is bed-ridden now. After spending several years on the bed without any fun or adventure, he has finally got a place to relax and get thrilled.

Mark McHugh believes that the accessible zip line at Gatorland would be a blessing for hundreds of disabled people who want to have some sort of adventure and fun in their life. He says, however, that setting up the accessible zip line at Gatorland was not very easy because the management had to face numerous challenges. It had to retrofit the entire towers of the current zip line system in order to set up an accessibility zip line with perfect zip line brake system.

The accessible zip line at Gatorland is getting good reviews from all over the country and thousands of tourists are coming in to the park to try it out.