Guidelines To Follow While Using A Zipline Kit

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If you are an adventurous person, you might have used ziplines to move from one pole to another. Zipline is also known by other names like canopy ride or cable ride. In this technique, a cable is attached between the ends of trees or poles. The cable has a pulley connected to it and the rider takes hold of the pulley with the help of a harness or rope. A Zipline kit is used to build this setup. If you wish to zip through at quicker speeds, you need to install the Ziplines at a downward angle.

Once you buy a Zipline kit, you can install it in a few simple steps. Here, we will take you through the essential guidelines that you should understand while installing a Zipline kit.

Steps Involved

  • The first step is to find out the maximum weight that the Zipline would be able to hold. If only your family members intend to use the Zipline, then take the weight of the heaviest person for this purpose. Most of the kits come with a limit of 250 pounds.
  • Next step is to calculate the distance between the two ends of the poles or tress between which you wish to install the Zipline. Since there would be a drop in the line when a person uses the Zipline, it is advisable to add 10 percent extra to the actual length.
  • Sometimes it might be necessary for you to acquire a license for installing the Zipline. Therefore, enquire about this with the local zoning office. There could be safety inspections from the office prior to offering you license. You may also go through the Zipline rules of your country for more details.

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  • When you purchase the Zipline kit, it is advisable to choose the one that comes with a return trolley line. With this, the pulley can be easily taken back to the start position and get it ready for the next person.
  • Using a harness increases the safety of the riders. Therefore, if the Zipline setup at your facility has steep angles, it is a good strategy to use a harness.

If you follow the above guidelines while installing and using a Zipline kit, you can ensure a smooth and adventurous ride. Make sure to go through the features of different kits before you choose the ideal one.