Guidelines For Zip Liners

Zipline Kit

Zipline Installation

Zip line is known by different names in different countries. Although most people know it by the name zip line or cable ride, other names for it include death slide, zip wire, aerial rope slide, flying fox, aerial runway, or foefie slide.

Zip lining is a passion for many people. It is quite exciting and relaxing. There are parks that offer zip lining. If you are interested in zip lining, you can go to such parks and have a ride. Another option is to set up your own zip line at home.

In order to set up a zip line at home, you need to buy a zipline kit. A zip line kit consists of a pulley, a roll of steel cable and the zipline brake. It is necessary to go for a branded zipline kit if you give priority to safety while zip lining.

Before installing or even buying the zipline kit, you need to have a rough idea about where it is going to be set up and how it is going to be set up. Make sure that you choose slightly sloppy area to set up your zip line. Find out two trees that you can use as poles to stretch the steel cables to. If you do not find any good trees, erect poles. Now, measure the length between each pole. Then buy the steel cable of this length.

Zipline Brake

Set Up Zipline

You should have a clear idea about who will be using the zip line. The weight of the persons using the zip line needs to be considered. If the user is heavy, then the steel cable used should be stronger. A standard zipline kit has the capacity to carry up to 250 pounds.

Make sure that you get your zip line inspected by an expert after the setting up is over. If your area has zoning or any other safety regulations, make it a point to get in touch with your nearest zoning office. Remember that not all areas are recommended for zip lining. With the help of your local zoning officer, you can find out if your area has got any problems with setting up zip lining.

Zip lining is exciting. However, it involves lots of risks too. So make sure that you take all the safety precautions to avoid any accidents during zip lining. Never let your kids take a ride in the zip line without your supervision.