Helpful Tips for Getting the Best Zip Lining Experience

Zip lining is one of the most exhilarating activities for those wishing for a bit of adventure in their travels. It has now become increasingly popular among travelers and this has led to the creation of numerous zip line tours across the country.

Zip lining uses a pulley suspended from a cable attached to supports of varying height for propelling the rider attached to a harness by means of gravity. Enjoying zip lining requires strictly following the guidelines put forward by the tour operator. This will significantly enhance the zip lining experience for the rider. Below are some helpful tips for riders in getting the best zip line experience possible.

Using Sunscreen

Zip lining is a highly open sport that exposes the rider to many of the adverse climatic conditions prevalent in the area. This is particularly the case in summer, as the sun can cause the formation of blisters and rashes on the surface of the skin. To avoid this, it is better to apply sunscreens across all the exposed areas of the body such as hands, face, and legs for protecting them from the harmful rays of the sun.

Age and Weight Limits

For getting the best zip line experience possible, it is highly recommended to confirm with the operator concerning the age and weight limits. Most operators have a minimum age for zip lining, which is ten years. Besides that, the weight of the person should be between 70 and 250 pounds. While going for zip lining, make sure that you are within the eligibility criteria set by the operator. This will ensure that the rides have maximum safety while offering the best experience.

Suitable Clothing

The clothing required while embarking varies for the summer and winter. During the summer months, it is best to wear normal simple clothes. T-shirts with collar paired with light shorts are the recommended outfit for zip lining. For colder months, wearing clothing that offers multiple layers gives the best protection. However, wear only simple clothing, as thick clothing can obstruct the zipline kit and zip line brake.

Following the Guidelines Properly

Before zip lining, it is highly required to follow the necessary guidelines provided by the operator. This will include numerous tips concerning safety, the positioning of the body, etc., which will offer the rider with the best zip lining experience. In addition, clear any doubts regarding zip lining with the available staff before riding.