How A Zipline Kit Works

Zipline Kit

    Zipline Kit Basics

If you have done zip lining before, then you already know how much fun it can be. Setting up a zipline kit is easy, but since everyone knows that, they also easily get it wrong.

This usually happens because you do not know how the thing works in the first place. Here is a look at how your common zipline kit operates after you set it up right.

Making a zip line ready

To put it simply, zip lines get you from one point to another. It was first used in the military, although the basics are harmless enough that you can have kids enjoying a ride on these nowadays. It works on the same principle as a slide, which means the person moves from a higher point to a lower point because of their own weight. So naturally, there needs to be a slope to the line.

You could set the start point at the top of a building, and have the line end several floors down on an adjacent building. You could even set up a zipline kit with the line running from a tree at the top of a hill, to one at the bottom. The steeper the slope, the more fun the ride would be. But be careful, that would make the slide faster too.

The pulley is the mechanism that lets the rider move along the rope. This usually has a sturdy plastic case with a set of handles to hold on to. You need this installed on the rope before the two ends of the latter are tied to the start and finish points.

Zip Lining

            Zipline Kit Components

The pulley stays on top of the rope, while the handles are underneath, right above the rider’s head. You hold on to these before pushing off the higher ground, and your weight takes you to the finish. You move faster when the slope is steeper, which is why it is so much more exciting, as already mentioned.

When you push off the pulley turns, and the handles move along the rope. It is possible the slow your motion along the rope using a breaking system. This slows down the turning of the pulley, which means less of the zip line passes through it.

It is safer to install brakes in your zipline kit if kids are going to use it, or if you have set up for a steep and speedy descent. Most modern kits have this when you buy them, and the component can be assembled by following instruction provided alongside.