How Do I Set Up A Zip Line In My Backyard

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Zip line is one of the most adventurous fun activities. People love it irrespective of their age. If you have got enough space in your backyard, you can set up a zip line over there and provide your kids with lots of fun and entertainment this summer. However, do not forget to comply with the safety factors while setting up a zip line in the backyard. Follow the below instructions for a quick reference before setting up a zip line in your backyard.

Buy a branded zipline kit

You need to purchase a good zipline kit in order to set up the zip line in your backyard. Now, the most important thing to note is to buy a zip lining kit from a reputed brand. You can find a zip line kits from several brands. Some are cheap while others are quite expensive. Do not go for a zip line kit that is too cheap because the components coming with such kits would be of low quality.

Find a proper location to set up the zip line

Once you have purchased your zipline kit, the next thing is find a location to install the zip line. If you do not have any idea about running the zip line, call in an expert to find out a good location. You can use artificial poles or trees to anchor the zip line. If you are planning to use the poles, make sure that you erect them into the ground at appropriate distance.

While choosing the place for the zip line, it is quite essential to make sure that there are no obstacles between the poles. If you find anything that might interrupt you during your zip lining, you better change the location of the zip line or get rid of the obstacles.

Install the zip line

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Once the poles have been erected or the trees to anchor the line is found, start installing the zip line. Unpack the zipline kit and take out the stainless steel cord first. Attach it between the poles. After the lines have been attached, tighten it as much as possible. Attach the remaining components in the kit such as pulley, zip line brake, dowel, ladder, etc., as per the direction of the zip line expert.

Once you are done with installing the zip line, test it using weights. If you are letting your kids use the zip line, instruct them strictly not to use it in your absence.