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How To Install A Brake On Your Zip Line On Your Own | Dimension Zip Lines

How To Install A Brake On Your Zip Line On Your Own

Zip Line Brake

Install Zip Line Brake

Zip lining is one of the best choices for backyard recreation. What makes it even more exciting is that it can moonlight as an effective backcountry adventure as well. What ’s more, setting up a zip line is quite easy, given that you have all the recommended things.

According to experts, one needs to be very particular about the zip line brake while setting up zip lines. Without proper brakes, the zip line adventure can turn out to be a disaster.

Normally, the downward momentum turns aggressive towards the end of the line. Zip line brake enables one to control his downward moment. Here, we will see how to install breaks on your zip line.

Before getting started with the process, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and hardware at hand, such as an old tire, measuring tape, cable clamps, assorted drill bits, and a lawn tractor.


  • First, measure the zip line cable. You should get a clear picture about its thickness. Only with a proper measure of the cable’s thickness, you will be able to get the appropriate wire rope clamps drill bit. The clamp size should be appropriate in order to install the brake effectively.

    Zip Line Adventure

    Zip Line Adventure

  • Next, get the old tire and mark a horizontal axis line. The line should be through its centre. Use your drilling machine to drill holes through both sides of the tire, which you have marked for the axis line.
  • Pass the zip line cable through the holes on the old tire. Continue threading the cable until the tire gets to the end of your zip line system. Once the tire has reached that point, make sure that that the tire’s inner side is tightened by the cable clamp.
  • You must also ensure that the clamp is being pressed against the inner part of the tire. This can be ensured by passing the tire back through the cable.
  • Once done, get the remaining clamps, and fix them close to one another. You must attach them against the outer tire wall. This lies just opposite to the clamp you have fixed inside.

This is how to install a zip line brake at home. Never use a zip line without a proper zip line brake system, if you have bought a kit from some local store. If you find installing the brake difficult, seek the help of an expert.