How To Install A Homemade Zipline Brake

Zip Line Brake

Zipline Ride

There is no better thing than zip lines for backyard adventure. It is filled with lots of fun, and the only challenge with zipline is to set it up safely. You have to ensure that the zip line brake is properly fixed, and works without any fault.

The main purpose of a zipline brake is to reduce the downward momentum of the person. If there is no zipline brake, it is not possible to stop the ride when needed. Besides, the absence of zipline brake can lead a person to losing control while riding. Consequently, the risk of falling off the zipline is more.

Such casualties can be avoided with an effective zip line brake. This article takes you through the steps of making a homemade zipline brake.

Things needed

  • Cable clamps
  • Measuring tape
  • Used tire
  • Assorted drill bits
  • Power drill


Homemade Zipline Brake

Fix Zip Line Brake

First of all, the thickness of the zip line cable has to be measured. After that, choose the appropriate tire rope clamps and drill it. Find out a horizontal axis line through the center of the tire. After that, make holes on both sides of the tire using the power drill.

Next, the zip line cable must be threaded through the hole made in the tire. The threading should be continued until the cable reaches up to the end point. Once these processes have been completed successfully, tighten the cable clamp on the inner side of the tire.

You might need to use put some pressure to slide the tire back until the clamp begins to press against the inner part of the tire. Often, this has to be done quite forcefully. When the clamp is properly fixed and ensured that it presses against the inner part of the tire, fix the remaining clamps next to each other in the same way the first clamp was fixed.

Zip line brake plays an important role in ensuring the safety of the rider. So, you should always give the utmost priority for a proper zip line brake. If you want, hire an expert and have him inspect the zip line. He can point out the places where zipline brakes have to be fixed.