How To Install A Zip Line Brake

Zip Line Brake

Install Zip Line Brake

Zip line is an easy-to-setup backyard recreation. If you are living in countryside, you can set up one in the backyard of your house and have plenty of fun with your kids. Zip line is an adventurous sport, so you can guess how dangerous it can be if you do not take enough precautions. By attaching strong zip line brake wherever it is needed, you can ensure safety for this backcountry adventure.

Purpose of installing zip line brakes

Zip line works in downward momentum. One end of the line will be connected to a pole at a higher location while the other will be connected to a pole at a lower area. When you use the zip line, you are able to move downward because of the natural gravitational force. Obviously, if there is a long distance from the higher end to the lower end, there would be strong downward momentum which can end up in unexpected accidents. You can avoid this by way of adding a proper zip line brake. With some pieces of hardware and old tires, you can make one on your own. Here is how.


  • First, find out how thick your zip line cable is. The drill bit should be chosen in accordance with the thickness of the drill and the clamp size of the wire.
  • Mark a horizontal axis line through the centre of the tire. You need to drill holes through either side of this. The zip line cable is to be thread through these holes. Move the tire now to the end of the zip line.

    Zip Line Brake

    Zip Line Brake System

  • After that, make sure that the cable clamp that connects the inner side of the tire is tightened properly. The tire must be slide back along the cable. Consequently, the clamp will begin to press against the inner tire. The remaining clamps should be attached against each other as well. Furthermore, make sure that the clamps are pressed against the outer tire wall. This should be placed opposite of the inner clamp.

Well, you have seen how to install zipline brake to your backyard zip line system. If possible, get your zip line system tested by an expert. They would give you instructions for improving the safety, and assist in installing zip line brake at appropriate places in the system.