How To Set Up A Zip Line Brake Properly

Zip Line Brake

Setting Up Zip Line Brake

A zip line brake is an essential requirement for safety reasons. You should never set up a zip line without this. A standard zip line might not generate that much speed. Still it is essential that the zip line rider should be able to come to a slow stop at the end of the line rather than bump into the tree or post. Accidents like these often happen unexpectedly. Taking the necessary safety precautions and wearing the safety gear should not be avoided.

Instructions for setting up the zip-line brake

Setting up a zip line brake is actually easy. There are plenty of easy-to-assemble zip-line brake kits available in the market. You can easily order one online and attach it to the zip line without much difficulty. Only the basic tools you have in your home would be required for this. At any rate, most zip-line brake kits come with the necessary set of tools you would require for the purpose of setting it up.

Refer the manual you got with the zip line brake kit and get to work. First, remove all the bolts, which will be holding the zip-line brake blocks together. You can then open the blocks and place the separated parts on to the zip line cable in such a way that the cable passes through the middle of the blocks through the space provided for this purpose.

Zip Line Cable

Zip Line Brake Kit

When you do this, make sure that the eyebolt on the blocks is facing towards the starting side of the zip line. Now, with the zip-line brake block in place, you need to attach a bungee rope to the eyebolt and then attach the other end of the bungee rope to a tree or anchor nearby. When the rider pushes down on the zip line brake, the bungee rope will stretch a little bit and slowly bring the rider to a stop.

For this to work properly, you need to use the correct length of bungee rope as well. Keep in mind that a bungee rope can stretch to 1.75 times its total length and the rider should stop a safe distance before he reaches the end of the zip line. You need to calculate this and set up the bungee rope accordingly.

Test this setup a few times to make sure that the new zip-line brake will indeed stop the rider safely. With the braking system properly set up, you and your friends can start having fun.