Idaho’s Premier Zip Line Tour To Be Opened This Month

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Idaho Zipline Tour

Idaho attracts millions of tourists every year due to its vast area of outdoor recreation areas and mountainous landscapes. The capital of Idaho, Boise, itself is located in the Rocky Mountain foothills. Furthermore, the Boise River bisects the capital city.

Boise River is one of the major attractions of the area. It is known for fishing and rafting. The well-known Julia Davis Park, the riverfront of the city, is a downtown green space. It contains a zoo, several museums and a beautiful rose garden. All these factors play an important role in bringing tourists from different parts of the country to Idaho.

For many years, the tourists coming to Idaho have been thinking that the state could attract even more visitors had it constructed a safe zipline. This long cherished dream of the tourists is fulfilled now as the premiere zip line tours of Idaho has been materialized now. It is located at the Engle Island State Park.

The construction of the zip line has been going on for nearly four months now. According to the reports, the state’s first zip line tour will be opened by the end of this month. It would be the longest zipline in the state. It is set within two hours of Boise.

Idaho Zipline Tour – Major Attractions

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The new zipline in Idaho stands out among many popular zipline tours in the country. It is set over a mile long. You will take about two hours to complete the tour through this zipline. Unlike the existing zip lines in the state, this new zipline tour will have a double-decker. Furthermore, it will be a triple wide racing zip line. There are no such zip lines in Idaho. The zipline tour will take you through an ‘Indiana Jones’ style suspension bridge.

The zipline is set on 60-foot towers. You can have a free-option off to any of these foot towers. Zip Boise Owner Steve Gustafson hopes to make it a real deal zip line in the country. In his opinion, “this is not your kiddie zip, this is not the county fair. These are real full-sized zip lines that everybody thinks are awesome.”

Gustafson claims that the zipline can cycle more than 20,000 people every year. He also said that he was planning to introduce night tours.