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Making A Zip Line For Your Kids | Dimension Zip Lines

Making A Zip Line For Your Kids

Zipline Kit

                 Making Ziplines

Zip lines can be the most adventurous and thrilling activity, if you have plans to indulge in some within the premises of your home.  Well, you can also build such zip lines for your kids in your backyard, but before that you need to adhere to certain important aspects. First of all, you need to buy the Zipline kit that is essential for the purpose. Also, it is important to choose the correct and safe location, mainly because this activity includes your kids.

The Zipline kit would include the following items:

A rope cutter or a knife, a tape measure, a nylon rope, a ski rope handle and a pulley. Make sure the items in the Zipline kit are new, especially the rope.

Once you have these things, you need to make sure that the open area the zip line passes over is free of any shrubs or rocks. Also, the two structures that the rope would be attached to should be firmly implanted in the ground.

For building zip lines, first you need to measure the actual distance between the two places where you will eventually attach your rope and add almost 4 feet to make sure that the ends knots are large and tight. Once you have adjusted the distance, cut the nylon rope to this length.  Now, you need to attach the ski rope handle to the pulley and ensure that it rolls over the rope smoothly and doesn’t slip off the track. To make the connection tight and secure, tie both ends of the handle to the pulley.

Building Zip Lines

                   Use Zipline Kit

Next, loop the rope through the pulley and then try to tie the rope to both the start and the finish locations. While doing so, it is recommended to use nails and larger hooks to secure the rope. Some people simply tie ropes to trees but this should not be encouraged and instead such lathe hooks, also available in the Zipline kit, should be used for the purpose. Since you’re making the backyard zip line for your kids, safety should be your primary concern.

Now, in order to move the rope from one end of your children’s zip line to the other end, tie it to the bottom of the handle. Ensure that the rope is long enough to reach from the ground.

Hence, considering these tips can be helpful the next time you plan to make a zip line for your kids in your backyard.