Why the name, “Dimension Zip Lines”?

Why the name, “Dimension Zip Lines” and why is the braking system named “The Fifth Dimension”? The classical studies of physics initially dealt with four dimensions: height, width, length and time. For many years the work conducted by physicists, mathematicians and scientists were bound by these four dimensions. Modern scientists, such as Albert Einstein, broke away from the limitations of four-dimensional theory. They pressed the envelope of conventional wisdom by working in higher-order dimensions; fifth, sixth, seventh and so on. Even today, existence of higher-order dimensions is a fiercely debated topic within the scientific community. Skeptics argue these “next” dimensions do not exist. Others, however, have opened their minds to higher-order possibilities and can clearly see what the critics cannot.

The American Physician and author Oliver Wendell Holmes was quoted as saying: “Every now and then a man’s mind is stretched by a new idea or sensation and never shrinks back to its former Dimensions”. As stated with this quote, the minds at Dimension Zip Lines have been stretched by a new idea. This awakening is allowing Dimension Zip Lines to lead the journey into the next Dimension of adventure. Thus, when this revolutionary braking system was invented, it was aptly named, “The Fifth Dimension”. Join us for higher-order thinking applied to conventional zip line technology. What will you do? Debate, deny or believe?

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