Niagara Falls Gets A New Zipline This Summer

People have always considered Niagara Falls as a more commercialized type of natural wonders. And to add more to the list, the Canadian side of the falls will now host an advanced zipline ride, starting this summer. Named as the MistRider Zipline, the ride will start from the Grand View Marketplace, covering the Whirlpool Adventure Course at Thompson’s point.

The zipline ride would supposedly run for about 35 seconds, running down from a 40-ft high tower to a landing pad at Horseshoe Falls. It is assumed that adventurists can hit around 44 mph in this ride. The basic requirement to take this zipline course is that you need to be above 9 years of age. Tickets costs would range from $49.99 to $79.99 (Canadian dollars).

According to David Adames, senior director of business development of Niagara Parks, the zipline ride will be more clearly visible from the US side of the falls, though it is located in the Canadian side. He also expects that people travelling across would stop by and watch adventure seekers riding the zipline.

“There is a lot of activity in that area,” Adames said. “We have the ambient noise from the two falls, the road traffic from the parkway, and all of the people who are there for the boat tour experience and to enjoy the parkway, so it is already a very busy node. I don’t know whether it will really be that noticeable from a noise perspective.”

For advanced thrill seekers, there will be suspended obstacles and challenges at the zipline course at the Whirlpool Adventure Course at Thompson’s Point. In addition, there would be aerial games, swinging, running, and climbing activities in the park as well. However, an official opening date for both the MistRider Zipline and Whirlpool Adventure Course is not yet released yet.