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Research | Dimension Zip Lines
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Research on Zip Lines or the Flying Fox

What is the Zip Line?

As avid zip line enthusiasts, our research and development team was assembled to investigate the multitude of zip line braking methods available. Existing zip line products or flying fox products as their known in Australia and New Zealand were closely scrutinized and evaluated. Many methods were determined to be rudimentary, archaic and even unsafe. Others were cumbersome to operate, required far too much hardware to be economical or were permanently attached to a particular zip line. Even more options were viewed as unreliable, inconsistent or required an array of personnel to properly operate. In fact, adequate braking is where existing zip line technology has historically fallen short. Traditional braking methods are unpredictable (in terms of where a participant would stop along the zip line cable), too expensive and cumbersome to be practical. This downfall or folly of current zip line technology has lent itself to the term “Common Trolley Folly.” A new flying fox was born.

Dimension struggled to find a solution that met the goals of being simple to operate, safe for riders and affordable to all zip line enthusiasts. So its team went to the drawing board, coming up with various prototypes until, finally, Dimension developed the one model that would meet its goals.

Dimension has solved the Common Trolley Folly with its patented, zip line braking system. The archaic and hazardous traditional braking methods can be replaced in a practical, safe and affordable manner.

Dimension Zip Lines delivers fun, safe zip line technology.

During the many stages of engineering and prototyping, Dimension trolleys were designed to exceed the common standards established within the zip line industry. One of the primary standards is outlined by the Association for Challenge Course Technology to support a load of at least 5,000 lbf (22.2 kN).

Dimension trolleys went through extensive testing to ensure this safety standard would be met. Upon completion of design and initial prototyping, Dimension Zip Lines, LLC used the expertise of two separate and independent testing laboratories. Results concluded that the engineered designs greatly exceeded the safety standards.

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