Some Safety Precautions To Take Before You Start Your Zip Line Adventure

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Zip line forest tours and backyard activities can be real fun. However, often, it has been found that safety precautions take a backseat and the participants fail to put in place even the basic zip line brake system requirements. Of course, everything will go fine most of the time. However, on rare occasions, accidents do happen, which, on hindsight might appear completely avoidable.

Things to check before your start using the zip line

Depending on the height, at which it is placed, the safety requirements for a zip line varies. A normal 7 feet zip line in your backyard requires only a zip line brake system fitted on to the line. However, if you are setting up the zip line across two tall trees at a considerable height, all kinds of safety gears and helmets become necessary.

First of all, the zip line itself must be firmly held in place. Pay attention to the anchor points. See to it that they are firmly secured and will not come apart when the weight on the zip line pulls it too hard. Check every part of the cable, especially the connections. Be ready to replace the entire cable, if you have to. For this, always keep a spare zip line cable ready for use.

Check the zip line brake system. It is best to purchase a quality zip line braking system and set this up on the line as per the instructions provided. Many zip line enthusiasts tend to use old tires and wooden blocks to stop the rider. This might be enough for most cases. But, as said earlier, if the zip line is set at a considerable height, you need to go for a quality zip line braking system to ensure better safety.

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Similarly, you need to wear a safety helmet throughout the ride. Like for the zip line brake system, here too, you should not worry too much about the price and buy the best quality safety gear you can find. These helmets are supposed to protect your head from injury, if you accidently land head first during a fall.

Set up a big enough landing pad for the riders. A deep water body at the end of the line would be fun and safe too, provided all the riders are good swimmers. If not, set up a foam pit. Also, make sure that every rider wears the safety harness properly before he starts the ride.

You need not worry about any accidents, if you take care of all the safety measures mentioned above.