Setting Up A Backyard Zip Line For Kids

Zip Line Brake

Set Up Zip Line

Kids love fun and entertainment very much. If you were thinking about giving your kids the best time this vacation, setting up a backyard zip line would do the job for sure.

You can set up a simple and affordable backyard zip line for your kids. It need not be as lengthy or high as the adults’ zip line. Instead, you can set up a small, yet exciting ride for your kids.

The checklist

When you set up a zip line for kids, make sure you give the first priority to their safety. Remember that zip line can be dangerous unless you set it up correctly and systematically. The integration of a good zip line brake is a must for that.

You can always seek the help of an expert if you have any doubts about the zip line setup process. Another important point to remember is supervision. Never allow your kids to use the zip line in your absence. Give them strict warning not to use it when you are away.

Children’s backyard zip line must have a harness. The harness allows your kids to stay free. Even if they lose their holding, the harness will protect them from falling.

Find out a safe spot for your backyard zip line

Make sure that the spot you choose for your children’s backyard zip line is safe. Obviously, it is recommended to choose a spot that is slightly downhill. The slop is necessary to ensure that the rider slides down easily. If you have any questions about the spot, seek the advice of an expert.

Integrate zip line brake

Once your backyard zip line is ready, place in the zip line brake to ensure safety. Make sure that you install it at the right spot. There are many types of zip line brakes available out there; seek the help of an expert if you are confused with the options.

Pre-test the zip line

Zip Line Setup Process

Backyard Zip Line

Check the zip line’s safety before letting your kids use it. You could do the testing with any items that weighs as much as your kids do. Strap the weight to your zip line and let it go down. It is advisable to do the testing at least a few times.

The poles you use for your zip line should be strong. You can either use a tree as the pole or set up concrete poles for the same. Finally, train your kids to use the zip line safely.