Setting Up A Zip Line In Your Backyard The First Time

Zipline Kit

Zip Line Setup

Zip lines are very common in backyards these days. These may be the best vacation experience as well, but some people just aren’t willing to wait for the holidays to have that kind of fun. Why do that when they could just as easily have fun on their own property? Also, as long as a zipline kit is set up right, it can provide hours of fun for adults and kids alike.

If you are looking to join the club, here is what you should do, besides lamenting the fact you are probably late in making use of this ubiquitous idea.

  • Decide where the zip line goes. You should have an area set aside that is slightly downhill, which is for the gravity to its work and carry you forward.
  • Clear this are of all obstructions. Remove trees, branches, and brush. For this, take a nylon rope and string it across the intended stretch, so you can make sure nothing is standing in the way.
  • Set up the trees or install poles where the zip line is going to be affixed. You will also need to make sure the two ends are strong enough to hold the weight of the rider.
  • Attach the zip lines to thee two trees or poles, using any among a number of ways. The cord needs to be as taut as you can make it. You will need to make holes in poles or trees, and then use an eyebolt to anchor the cable at these ends.
  • It is also acceptable to set up a sling line running the length of the cable, and holding to it with thimbles to a turnbuckle, the last of these holding the zip line.

    Zip Line Brake

    Zip Line Installation

  • Tighten the zip line, and let your weight pull the line tauter as you move towards middle. The cord will need to be tightened at least once after attaching it to the first turnbuckle, and if you have a long area of zip line in mind, get and use a ratcheting tool.
  • Fix the pulley and harness, the latter being more necessary the steeper the decline of the line. This is also a lot safer than any other setup you can utilize in the backyard.
  • Test the zip line. You don’t know what will happen to it when you get your weight on, so try it at least once before getting a person on It.

The test run is probably the most important part. This ensures the setup is safe for the riders you allow to use the line.