How To Setup A Zipline Yourself

Zipline Kit

 How To Use Zipline Kits

When you think about it, a zip-line and a tree house is all we have ever wanted in our backyard as kids. They are a tried and tested way to ensure that kids go outside for some backyard adventure. While tree houses are a bit complex to build, zip lines can be easily incorporated with what you already have in the backyard. All you need is a slight elevation and a clear path for people to descend.

When it comes to making a zipline, you only have to worry about two things; height difference and sag. Higher difference between the heights obviously translates to faster run. Moreover, the tautness of the zipline cable also decides the speed. If the rope is taut, the run will be a lot faster. This way, you can control between these two variables to create the right mixture of speed and thrill for you! Once you have decided on a path for the zipline, it is time to purchase the items necessary to create a zipline. You can buy individual parts from your local home improvement store or purchase a zipline kit which would contain all the parts required to set up a zipline.

Your zipline kit should include all the nuts, bolts, pulleys and a handle to create the zip line. Most zipline kits also include an instruction set so you know which part goes where.

Zipline Cable

Creating A Zipline Using A Kit

First off, measure the distance of the area where you want to set up the zip line. The zipline cable (which does not come as a part of the zipline kit) you need to create the zipline would be a little longer than this distance. This is in order to create the sag as well as for tying knots. Using a lighter, melt either ends of the rope so that the knots do not fray. Cut a smaller piece of the rope in order to attach the water ski handle to a pulley. If necessary, use a connector to join them together. Slide the rope through the pulley and tie the rope tightly at each end of your zipline run. The rope should be taut but should have enough sag to slow down the zipline. Cut another piece of the rope and tie one end to the water ski handle. This is to pull back the handle to the beginning of the zipline run.

As you can see, a zipline kit makes creating a zipline easy. This way, you do not have to worry if each piece will fit the other and you can be sure that the zipline would carry your weight.