Some Interesting Facts About The Emergence Of Zip Line As An Outdoor Entertainment

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Zip line is one of the most adventurous things out there and almost everyone likes it. However, there are many other facts about zip-lining worth knowing. Many families have their own zip lines set in the backyard, thanks to the cheaper construction cost, facility to get insurance coverage, and options to increase safety through advanced zip line brake. But before getting your head into setting up a backyard zip line with strong a zip line brake, knowing some of these facts would be quite interesting.

How did zip line become popular?

According to some historians, zip line was not introduced as an entertainment initially. It was invented by wildlife biologists. As part of their research, they had to go to the deep forests quite often. However, they had to fear the animals there. Finally, they invented the zip line and found it to be a useful solution to travel through the forests without fearing any wild animal attacks. In the course of time, the zip lines used by the biologists in the African forest become popular. A good example for this could be the canopy tours in South America.

The longest zip line in the world

A recent report shows that the longest zip line in the world is located in Peru. It is about 6,990 feet long. It is also one of fastest riding zip line out there. It can take you at a speed of about 68 miles per hour.

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A steady increase in the number of zip lines in United States

Some recent reports indicate that there has been a steady increase in the number of zip lines in the United States. In the year 2011, there were less than 10 zip lines in the country. But the number of them has steadily increased over the last two decades.

Zip lines are becoming quite popular in almost every part of the world. Today, there are about 250 officially licensed zip lines in the country. An officially licensed zipline is one that is thrown open for the public. They will have integrated adequate zip line brake system for enhanced safety. There are quite a number of private zip lines in the country as well, and their number is not estimated yet.