Some Out of the Ordinary Facts about Zipline

4dYou might be reading and hearing a lot about zip lines recently. This is because new and new zip lining centers are popping up all over the world, and this adventure sport is gaining much popularity among the masses. Zip lining gives you the experience and thrill of flying through the sky with the security of being attached to a steel cable.

Interesting Facts

Zip lines were used in one form or other from a very long time. They gained popularity in 70’s when wildlife biologists in Central America used them to move from one tree to another without disturbing the fauna and flora on the rainforest ground. Zipline tours developed from this as a part of eco-tourism.

However, apart from being a branch of eco-tourism and natural exploring, zip lining has grown into an adventure sport of fun and thrill today. Zip lining industry is thus rapidly evolving and growing. Different zipline attractions offer different experience in terms of speed, height, and distance. Here are some of interesting and notable facts about zip line adventure.

  • Six continents and 72 counties in the world have commercial zip lines.
  • There are over 400 commercial zip lines in the US. There were only 10 such zip lines 15 years ago.
  • North Dakota and Mississippi are the only states without commercial zip lines. They are available in the rest of the 48 states.
  • North Carolina has most of the zip lines. They have 24 commercial zipline rides.
  • Annual revenue of approximately $120 million dollars is generated from the zip lines in Cost Rica.
  • Icy Straight Point in Hoonah, Alaska, is the longest zipline in the US. It is 5495 feet long and you take 90 seconds to finish the ride.
  • Volo Dell’angelo in Rocca Massima, Italy, is the longest zipline in the world. It is 7260 feet long.
  • Speed of 100 mph is claimed to be reached by only 3 zip lines in the world, which are in New Zealand, UK, and South Africa.
  • ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia had 183 people riding on a single zipline in one hour on June 3, 2012.
  • Screaming Eagle, located in Georgia has the longest combined length of a zipline tour. It has 135 zip lines.
  • You can travel from Spain to Portugal by riding on the Limite Zero zipline. As the zipline crosses the Guadiana River, you can travel internationally on a zip line kit.