Steps To Install A Zip Line

Zip Line Brake

                    Zip Line Brakes

Zip lines have become one of the most popular outdoor adventure activities for those who love seeking thrill. A zip line is basically a pulley attached to a cable or rope and is used for a thrill ride i.e. allowing people to slide along a cable by holding onto the pulley with side bars. However, while installing a zip line, you need to adhere to certain aspects to ensure maximum protection, especially the zip line brake.

Before installing a zip line, you need to purchase the items necessary for the purpose. This includes a nylon rope, a ski rope handle, a pulley, a utility knife and other essentials like an eyebolt, screwdriver and drill. Once you have these items ready, you need to start making arrangements for installing the zip line brake system.

For this, you need to first clear away all the trees or bushes that are present between the beginning and the end point of the zip line. Once you have ensured there are no such obstacles, you can start attaching the handle to the pulley through the holes in the sides and for this you can use the equipment that comes along with the pulley. Now, you can slip the rope through the top of the pulley.

You can attach the rope to a tree or pole at one end of the run by using the eye bolt. For this purpose, you can drill a hole into the tree or even pole one size smaller than the bolt and then try to screw it by hand. Now, you can use the screwdriver as a level to twist the screw and fix it. To fix the zip line brake system, you need to ensure that it is tied tightly with several square knots.

Zip Lines

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You can now try to repeat the process with the tree or the pole you’ve tied it to at the other end and then pull the rope tightly between the two ends. This is essential before you tie the knots. Now, cut the extra rope and attach it to the handle and pull it along the line. This is to make sure that it runs smoothly. Also, this rope will be useful in pulling the rope handle back to the start every time after you use it.

So, the next time you install a zip line and the zip line brake system, considering these tips can be useful.