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Zipline Kit | Dimension Zip Lines

Zipline Kit

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Things you Will Need for Installing a Zip Line Course

You will need several different pieces of hardware when you are installing a zipline kit in the backyard of your home. The main thing that you will need is certainly a zip line brake and a zip line cable, which is also referred as an aircraft cable by the experts

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Helpful Tips for Getting the Best Zip Lining Experience

Zip lining is one of the most exhilarating activities for those wishing for a bit of adventure in their travels. It has now become increasingly popular among travelers and this has led to the creation of numerous zip line tours across the country. Zip lining uses a pulley suspended from

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Zipline Mistakes that you Make Unknowingly

Have you ever tried zip lining? Are you planning to try this adventure in the near future? If yes, then you should obviously read the below article on various zipline mistakes that people do unknowingly. It is essential to address these factors effectively to eliminate them and decrease risk to

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Why You Should Zip Line As A Group

If you are trying to do something new and adventurous while you are on a trip, then it is highly recommended to try zip lining. Many of us restrain from this adventurous and thrilling activity because we feel that we are too young or too old to try zip lining.

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4 Things to Know Before you Go Zip Lining

Zip lining is one of the growing trends across many countries these days and it offers tons of excitement and fun to you. This exhilarating activity is completely safe and it challenges you to broaden your horizons. Zip lining is also a perfect chance for you to reconnect with your

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America’s Top Zip Line Tours

Zip Lining is definitely an adrenaline pumping experience for all adventure loving enthusiasts. It is the best ways that you can try out while exploring places in your travels. However, it is necessary to identify some of the best operators in the region that offer these services before embarking on

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Things to Consider while Choosing Zip Line Anchors

If you are trying to setup a zipline in your backyard for the first time, then be warned; it can be a daunting task. Before setting up the zipline, you should select an appropriate location. Moreover, you need to make sure that the runway is clear for the zipline and

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Would you Dare to Zip over the Niagara Falls

Niagara waterfalls are the latest natural wonder that has found its place in the zip line map. The zip line over Niagara Falls offers everyone a chance to indulge in an adrenaline-pumping dive into the churning mist of steep waterfalls. And, the speeds that top forty mile per hour will

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How to Install a Zip Line

Zip line is an adventure sport and you can install your own zip line in your backyard with the various zip line kits that are available online. The various zip line installation methods discussed in this article will enlighten you on the same. Top Method The “Start at Top” method

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Things to Know Before Zip Lining for the First Time

You might have seen zip lines in a movie or at any vacation spots, but have you ever tired this adventure sport? If not, you should be well prepared before trying the zip line ride. The tips shared below can be very much useful for first time zip liners. With

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