The Growing Popularity of Zipline Rides in the US

Zip lines were originally invented to deliver supplies and tools from one place to another in a remote setting. Though they later became a mode of transportation for humans as well, the recreational use of zip line was discovered only a couple of years ago. No matter what, the popularity it has gained over the years, has made zip lining a much celebrated adventurous sport today.

As winter is seeping in, many tourists and thrill-seekers are looking for a last adventure before the season ends. Keeping that in mind, the Eco Zipline Tours in New Florence, Missouri, has announced 20 more zip line courses across the state. They even won the Pathfinder Award at the Missouri Governor’s Conference on Tourism for finding new ways to promote tourism in the state.

According to Mike Seper, who is the owner and founder of Eco Zipline Tours, “Zip lines are a reason for people to get outside, and families to go out and play. The zip line is a great opportunity to see something really beautiful.” Seper believes that zip lines can help make people more socially and emotionally active.

Rob Riffle, a tourist looking for his last thrill before the season ends, said that zip lining is expanding globally as an adventure sport. “The first time I had ever heard of ziplining was probably 10 years ago in down in Cancún [Mexico], and we didn’t do it then. It just seems like it’s really taking over,” he said.

As per a senior staff at the Eco Zipline Tours, Jim Day, even tourists that tried zipline rides for the first time became fans of the adventure at the end of the day. “People will come in and they’ll be a little apprehensive about it, and once they start going and start trusting the gear then they have a really good time with you outside,” he said.

It is a given that zipline fun has enormously grown and is here to stay. With the active involvement of organizers like Eco Zipline Tours, the adventurous sport is sure to attract more people to visit Missouri and explore the place from a speeding line in the sky.