The Safety Aspect Of A Zip Line

Zip Line Brake

Assembling A Zip Line

A zip line is one of the most fun ways to spend the afternoon, as long as you have good setup to work with. Said setup plays a crucial part in the safety of the user, which can often be overlooked when you are having the time of your life. But when you thin on it, you are flying through the air and the only thing holding you is the harness and the line it is hanging on. This perspective nods in favor of a safety laid out system, such as with a regularly tested zip line brake.

Based on the lay of the land the line will stretch across, your zip line will need to be located suitably. You may have your run over a steep hillside, in which case a zip line brake is an essential component. This has a block attached to the bungee cords, to arrest your motion as you reach the end of the run. If the incline of the site is more gradually set, a gravity stop line will be sufficient. As the name implies, this uses simply gravity to slow down your motion at the end. This is better for smaller children who cannot control the run instinctively.

Zip Line Kits

Setting Up A Zip Line

Try a few test rides to check the effectiveness of the zip line brake, and don’t do it from the top. Make sure the rider do not hit the tree at the bottom of the run. For something to rider can hold on to, us a hanging bar. This comes with most zip line kits. The pulley needs to be attached to this bar, and then you can do more test runs, gradually moving closer to the top tree when you begin.

Pay attention to the ground clearance; this needs to be appreciable so you don’t miss out on fun. However, too high up can pose a safety risk too, so work out a balanced height for the most of the run. The fixture on the bottom tree should be adjusted to a height that allows gravity to move the person at good speed.

Check the other parts as well as the zip line brake, and make sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions if you are assembling store bought kit. Ensure above all else, that the rider will enjoy safety as well as fun when using the ride, and that physically fit for this.