Things to Know Before Zip Lining for the First Time

You might have seen zip lines in a movie or at any vacation spots, but have you ever tired this adventure sport? If not, you should be well prepared before trying the zip line ride.

The tips shared below can be very much useful for first time zip liners. With the proper preparation and safety precautions, zip lining can be a thrilling experience for families, adventure seekers, and couples.

Dress Code

It is very important to ensure that you are wearing the right attire for zip lining. It is good to wear long pants to cover your legs as the safety harness of zipline kit has straps that can be irritating to the skin. You will not be allowed to wear skirts or dresses either, as these clothing pose safety hazards.

You should also wear closed toed shoes to offer maximum protection to your feet. If you are wearing any loose jewelry, it should be removed, and long hair should be tightly pulled back before taking the ride.

Listen to the Guides

If you are first time zip liner, it is imperative that you listen to your guide. It is the duty of the guide to ensure your safety and he/she will provide all the necessary instructions to you on safety and other important things.

There may also be specific procedures that you should do to finish the zipline tour and your guide will cover these procedures beforehand. Ask questions, if you are not satisfied with the details on the zip line brake or zipline kit.

Safety First

It is likely to get hurt while doping adventure sports. Therefore, it is important to take all safety measures before starting zip lining. The lines and other parts of the zipline should be well inspected before starting. You also need to disclose any medical condition before embarking on the fun ride.

Participants will be offered safety harnesses and helmets to ensure that they are safe throughout the ride. As long as you follow the instructions from your guide to the word, and wear the proper safety gear, you will have a safe and fun zip lining experience.


After discussing the safety precautions and listening to the instructions, you may have a moment of hesitation, if you are a first time zip liner. Do not worry, as a little fear is very normal and it will leave you as soon as you feel the wind speeding past your face.