Things To Watch When Zip Lining At A Course

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Zip lining at a course can be the most fun you can have with family and friends, but when you have that planned for the day next day, there are a few essential things to do. You can be assured that these will raise the odds that you fully enjoy yourself, without interruption, delays, or other issues. If you have already booked a ride session at a park with a zip line course, following are the things to watch.

Arrive A Quarter Hour Early

It is good to get there about 10-15 minutes in advance, because lots of things can delay you and have you miss the ride. There is traffic for one, and then the time it takes to park your vehicle. Some parks still charge you if you cancel the session, so don’t let that be the case.

What Clothes To Wear

Since you are going to be zip lining, it is sensible to be wearing something you don’t mind getting a little dirty. Also, check the weather and wear clothes you will be comfortable spending the day in. Some parks ask you to wear closed toe and closed heel shoes, and recommend ankle supports, although sneakers are generally a good bet.

If it is cold or your hands are sensitive, wear gloves. If you have long hair, it needs to be tied back, and any jewelry needs to come off before you get on the harness. It is a good idea to bring a change of clothing for the journey home.

What To Bring Along

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Cameras, phones, and any other devices can come at the course as long as you have them secured and put away, so they don’t get caught or fall to the ground. Water will probably be available at the course or park, but check anyway and bring your own bottled water if they don’t provide any. Bringing bags into heavily treed areas is not a good idea, so make sure you only bring something that fits closely to your body.

Is There An Instructor At The Course

For any zip lining activity, it is important that you are briefed by a qualified instructor before the start. Then you are on our own and can enjoy swinging through the trees. If it is forested area, you will probably have plenty of instructors patrolling the area. They can be of assistance if you are not comfortable with the ride, or have a fear of heights.