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Things You Would Need To Install A Zip Line | Dimension Zip Lines

Things You Would Need To Install A Zip Line

Zip Line Brake

Zip Line Equipments

Zip lining is both a wonderful fun time activity and a thrilling adventure. It is a common activity in many countries in the west. With the right zip line materials and equipments, you can install your own zip line and have the fun with your family or friends.

A zip line consists of multiple parts such as the cable, anchor chain, turnbuckles, cable clamps, swivel, and the zip line brake. You should get all these parts from any reputed store. You must insist on getting branded and superior quality parts. Safety is the first priority you should ensure while installing the zip line.

Zip line cable

The cables used in the zip line are made of steel. Usually, aircraft cables are used for zip lines as well. Zip line cables are highly flexible and strong. These two features make it work well with the zip line brake attached to it. As a result, you get better grip while zip lining.

Anchor chain

The anchor chain is used to tie the cable to a post or tree. The eyebolts at the end of the anchor chain should be inserted through the support tree or post. For that, you need to drill the tree or post. If you are using a tree as the support, you need not drill the tree. Instead, you can tie it around the tree and use another chain to tie over the first chain. Get a clear picture about the height you wish to have for the zip line. You should be attaching the zip line cable to the post based on the recommended height.


The purpose of integrating turnbuckles with the zip line is to reduce the tension. In addition to them, you can use a jaw swivel or eye swivel for reducing the tension.

Zip line brake

Zip Line Cables

Zip Line Tools

Zip line brake is the most important component in a zip line. Never begin zip lining without attaching the brake. The brake is installed on the zip line along with the harness and the trolley. The trolleys are made of closed pulleys, which prevent them from falling off. There are multiple of types of harness and zip line trolleys. Choose one that can be useful for yourself and your entire family.

Zip line is popular among people as an adventurous pass time activity. Get it installed as early as possible and have a lot of fun. Be sure to install it with the help of an expert.