You Can Zip Over Alligators And Crocodiles At St. Augustine, Florida

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Zip Lining In Florida

For tourists looking to find hair-raising experiences while having their share of fun, the sky is usually the limit to the things they will do while on a trip. Zip lining over anything other than ground, you can safely and comfortably walk on, is one of the ways to get adrenaline pumping the way almost nothing else will, save freefalling onto a safety net. Not everyone offers the latter, but people heading to Florida can now grab the chance to zipline above crocs and gators.

The St. Augustine Alligator Farm Zoological Park in eastern Florida is has started offering a zip line attraction that lets them glide over a live exhibit of crocodiles and alligators. Strapped in a harness, you will be zipping 12 feet above. If nothing else, this bound to give you a fresh perspective on the wild. There is also plenty of scenery to enjoy, plus a sense of achievement from traversing the obstacles placed in front of you before you even get to the start of the zip line.

Fox News website reports that the park has 11 different Crocodile Crossing lines covering seven acres in total, and for visitors who want to use all of these, it will cost around $67. If you settle for less and just choose to zip over deadly animals, there is a five-line route that you can glide for $37. The longest line is 300-feet long, the length of a football field, and some of the lines are very fast, which means quick breaking that is all the more fun. Also, the zip line lets you see many of the views blocked from the public, such as animal enclosures, animals being moved, vetted, or having blood drawn.

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Zipping Over Crocodiles

The crocodile crossing zip lines are definitely the favorite attraction when you are in the area, in a zoological park that has been catering to people in the area since 1893. Guests at the park can also view 24 currently recognized crocodile species, this being the only facility in the world that houses all of them.

Besides crocodiles and alligators, the park also accommodates a dozen other species, and frequently holds educational shows and events in the interest of spreading awareness about global conservation.

Where zip lines are concerned, this is definitely one you will want to try out at least once. It is probably not the same kind of thrill as the underground lines in Louisville, but it certainly is worth sampling.