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About The Zip Line Braking Systems | Dimension Zip Lines

About The Zip Line Braking Systems

Zip Line Brake

     Zip Line Braking System

Those who are into adventure and sports will find zip line rides quite a fun. However, if you are not careful, such outdoor activities can end up in some serious injuries. So, you have to make sure that every safety mechanism is put in place while rolling on a zip line, the most important part being a very efficient zip line brake system.

Setting up the zip line brake system

You can reach really high speed on a zip line ride. Without a good zip line brake system, it is possible that you will not be able to stop at the right moment, which may lead you to unfortunate accidents. So, as always, precaution is better than cure.

When it comes to zip line brake system, you have a few options. Some of them are mentioned here.

Bungee brake system

This is a very easy-to-setup braking system for any zip line. All you need is a bungee rope, a zip line block, and a nearby tree or post as an anchor for the bungee rope. Attach the block to the zip line, connect one end of the bungee rope to it, and secure the other end on to the tree or post.

Here, the most important factor is the length of the bungee rope. When the rider reaches the block and pushes it forward, the bungee rope will stretch to its maximum length. This will stop the forward motion of the rider. Then, the bungee rope will retract a little bit and the rider can then smoothly dismount.

Spring brake system

If you are using the spring brake system though, there is no need for an anchor. In other words, you only need to connect the spring brake kit to the zip line at the correct location. The braking distance for this system is much shorter than the bungee rope brake. In addition, spring brakes are much costlier than the bungee rope system.

Gravity brake system

Adventure And Sports

     Bungee Rope Brake System

There is no braking system involved here. You are merely setting up the zip line cable in such a way that there will be a hold-up at the end of the line, where the rider will slowly come to a stop.

Magnetic centrifugal brake system

This is the best and the most expensive zip line braking system you can get. This system will help you control the speed as well as to bring the ride to a complete stop.

There are many other types of zip line braking system including the old-fashioned leather glove brake. So choose one of these that meet your requirements.