Zip Line Tours: Haiti’s Dragon’s Breath Flight

The Dragon’s Breath Flight zip line tour in Labadee, Haiti gives you a ride that zips through the air 40 to 50 miles per hour. Airborne at 500 feet above the Labadee beach, riders riding the Dragon’s Breath Flight cover 2600 feet distance from the Labadee Mountains. The zip line in Haiti is viewable from virtually anywhere on the island, and even for the onlookers below, the ride is a worthy watch.

Once you check in for the long ride, the Royal Caribbean International escorts give you a short course where the basics of zip lining with minimal risk are taught. This shorter zip line course gives new riders a chance to overcome the fear of heights and improve riding techniques in perpetual motion.

The Dragon’s Breath Flight zip line is open to all who are over 4 feet in height, and weigh not more than 275 pounds. After the riders get a basic understanding of the zip line ride in Haiti, they onboard a truck that scales all the way up to the Labadee mountains for the adrenaline-packed adventure.

The Royal Caribbean International claims that the Dragon’s Breath Flight zip line is one of the longest rides globally and spans one hour and fifteen minutes approximately. When counted in airtime though, the one-hour ride lasts only fleeting moments.

It is seen that a few people only take part in the small ‘Little Dragon’ zip line course and skip the main Dragon’s Breath Flight out of their fear for height. However, if you are ready to pull off the right moves and follow the guidelines by professionals strictly, you can learn how to ride with steady posture and enjoy the zip line ride to its fullest.

How Scary is a Zip Line Ride in General

Well, the answer depends on how brave you stay throughout, the height of the course, and what type of zip line brake is installed in the system. The riders need not attach anything on the body such as a camera or a cell phone while riding on hanging wires because that can cause some accidents. Moreover, it is also advisable not to take the airborne trip if you have severe back problems at the time of riding.

The Dragon’s Breath Flight zip line is downward sloping, and anticipating the wind change is essential for riders. As said, follow the instructions by the zip line professional carefully, and you are sure to enjoy the ride.